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Dynamic Speakers
Horn Speakers

General information [contribute]

Harald Steinbeck (November 2000): Zingali use a combination of compression driver/horn-loading and bass reflex woofer(s) to give their speaker line very high sensitivity. Meanwhile, Toulipi wood is used for the horn and other parts of the speaker.

Randy Bankert(December 2001): Throughout his life Giuseppe Zingali's work has been focused on the optimization of sound reproduction by horn driver based loudspeakers. Classic horns have great advantages over conventional transducers, but also present a few anomalies in timbral accuracy and dispersion characteristics.

In 1995, following years of extensive research, the revolutionary OMNIRAY HORN was born. Of circular shape, the OMNIRAY HORN is carved on a piece of solid wood (Poplar). Its exponential curve characteristics as well as throat depth (Patented Worldwide) guarantee the most accurate reproduction of mid and high frequencies available today.

With an OMNIRAY HORN, the acoustic image and the timbre of musical instruments is reproduced with uncanny fidelity, perfectly restoring the "live" scenery with all its dynamic qualities in a fashion never possible before.

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