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Dynamic Speakers
Solid State Amplifiers

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Bryan Adams (June 30, 2009): The company announced an interesting minimalist platterless design called the Requiem, a record player actually rather than a turntable since it was to be sold along with a tonearm and pickup of the same name, that deck was something of a surprise since B's previous ventures into turntable designs had resulted in massive air bearing turntables technically and aesthetically the opposite of this Spartan offering, notice also the similarities of some of the characteristics of the Requiem tonearm when compared to the RS Labs RS-A1 Tonearm.

There is some controversy if whether this design ever entered production, but at the least 2 American dealers claimed to be able to provide the Requiem on special order minus the pickup. The name was supposed to be laden with meaning this was as the advertising blurb claimed "Despite concentrating most of his research on a new digital circuit ....... B. Yamamura still wanted to design a turntable, tonearm and cartridge combination that would demonstrate the ultimate that is achievable with analogue" in other words "the last turntable".

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