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Xanadu web site (December 8, 2009): It all started with the tube radio of my parents. As a little kid I was mesmerized by that big round "thing" in the middle of the radio that "just" sound came from. Voices of people and music ...... MAGIC! To satisfy my curiosity had to be dismantled, until the last screw. The result a shock, fright, stop and beaten by a scolding from my parents. This was the beginning of a wonderful hobby that I can to put a professional years later with Xanadu.

Once at my parents house in the buzzing every day of music. My favorite plate was the sixth symphony of Beethoven's Pastoral. Still I am fascinated by this masterful work! It has never passed that love of great musical works. That chunk musical energy supported by a powerful foundation, sometimes compelling, packed with emotion ....... music has always immensely fascinated me

As a kid I spent my first zakcenten - earned a baker and painter buddy boy - to the electronics store. With the parts I had purchased days, sometimes overnight, to tumble to my first speaker to assemble. Real experience I had later handed professional teachers. She steered me into the fascinating world of acoustics and electronics

In 1991 I offered, after years of study and experimentation, the first speaker on Xanadu, the DS 24. I still ask myself sometimes wonder where I got the nerve to then as a novice in hifi market, filled with good and established names, with a loudspeaker on the market which come with a price tag hanging from 8000 guilders per set. It was an exciting time. The hifi dealers were visited and the first test appeared in the journals. To my delight the industry responded very enthusiastically and the trade press was full of praise. The champagne bottle was uncorked!.

Of course it is not all clear and I went to high standard, which characterizes Xanadu, achieved not by myself. Believe me, there is much water flowed through the IJssel for me, my wife and our team all childhood diseases in the production and marketing had conquered. Even a zijstap I ever made by a case in Zwolle interior first, turns out to have been a valuable experience, witness the timeless design and rich color range of our products!

Now is a good design course included, but speakers have to do what they are designed. Music playing at a live concert if you are present, the highest quality is not just a matter of technique and design, but also dependent on other human factors. Good speakers are capable of a commitment to continue the mood we are at a certain moment, it does not really matter whether that vote is ratified by airy pop music, jazz or swing a 'Opus Magus "in classical music, as the speaker's ability this "feeling - and real life" to convey! I PUT A SPELL ON YOU by creedence clearwater revival of the masterful work of Beethoven ............... That is the magic of Xanandu, my feeling passionate emotions of the great work.

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