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  • Wolcott Audio (Electronics)
  • 50 West Hornet Avenue, Alameda CA 94501-5035, USA
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  • hwolcott@wolcottaudio.com
  • +1 510 836 2222
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Dynamic Speakers
Solid State Amplifiers
Valve Amplifiers

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Wolcott Audio web site (July 1, 2009): Soul and Intellect went into the making of the Wolcott Audio "Presence". The soul of music and the restless intellect of a stubbornly individualistic design engineer who believed that the ancient vacuum tube had yet to reveal it's full potential. Today that potential is revealed by the visual elegance of silver or matte gold finish on sculptured black acrylic in a design that will spec with the best of solid state and sings with the heart of a three watt triode. Read more on the Wolcott Audio website.

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