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Wilson website (May 1999): The WAMM was originally designed by David Wilson in the 1970s to aid in his work as a recording engineer, as well as provide unparalleled music reproduction. After being enthusiastically received by the professional and amatuer audio communities, Wilson Audio began producing this system in earnest. Now, 25 years later, the WAMM VII is the ultimate in high performance music systems. Wilson Audio only produces four of these exclusive systems per year, with a waiting list that is always full.

Wilson Audio web site (September 2000): For over a quarter of a century Wilson Audio has worked towards sonic perfection in loudspeaker design. Today, Our products are heralded by musicians, recording professionals and music lovers everywhere as the best in the world.Wilson speakers are known for their unparalleled craftsmanship and construction, unyielding dynamics, precise imaging, and pinpoint accuracy. These characteristics have placed Wilson Audio at the forefront of its industry, earning it numerous awards for product design as well as performance.

Joerg Baar (April 2001): Wilson used the RTR add-on tweeters in their Wilson Whamm system

Michael Savuto (December 2001): One addition you need to make to your listen is Wilson Audio. They make several speakers but the only one which uses electrostatics is the WAMM, their $60K+ flagship. The speaker uses 9 4x4 RTR style panels, small panels, in an array somewhat like the Crown ES-212, which I saw new and lusted after for the longest period. They are used as the tweeter array. The speaker is a series of boxes linked together on a stand. I do not know who supplies the drivers. All of the rest of their or perhaps, his, since David Wilson is the man, utilizing dynamic drivers. Of course the best sounding speaker utilizes ESL panels.


'History of Wilson'. The entire article can be found on the Wilson Audio website (September 2000:): The late Seventies, Dave Wilson's research on the speaker that became his flagship - the WAMM - began. Working in his garage and living room, he constructed a prototype of a state-of-the-art modular loudspeaker. In 1981, David and Sheryl Lee introduced the WAMM at Garland Audio in northern California, and immediately sold two at $28,000 each. They sold five sets of WAMMs that year. Today, they have sold over 50 WAMM systems despite a price tag that now stands at $225,000.

He built two pairs of WATTs. One - the "white dwarf" - for recording work and another, nicely finished, for home use. The second pair went to the 1986 summer CES where, despite its $4,500 price tag, it wowed the crowds. A classic was launched. The WATT's dedicated woofer, the Puppy, followed in 1988. Over 8000 WATTs have been sold. In 1993, they introduced the X-1 Grand SLAMM, a $65,000 state-of-the-art design that took the audio world by storm. Wilson has sold over 400 pairs of the X-1.

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