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WEGG3 web site (December 2006): WEGG3 was founded by ground breaking and award winning designer William Eggleston 3. The WEGG3 Loudspeakers are simply focused on producing the greatest intuitive reaction from the listener.


Our speakers are conceived to get out of the way and provide real emotional insight into a music or film source. 'Lunare' is the Latin verb which means "to bend into a crescent." In the February 2002 Stereophile Guide to Home Theater, Steven Stone calls this curved element "the cleverest design since Edgar Villchur's invention of the dome tweeter in the late 1950's," and William Eggleston 3 "one of the most innovative and original speaker designers of his generation." go to article (3.5mb pdf)

A loudspeaker is the final link between your ears and the recording chain - it is very much a musical instrument capable of providing a supersensory window into the source, real and three dimensional. You will be astounded by how accurately and dynamically the acoustic elements of the original recording present themselves with our loudspeakers.

The Lunare Series of Loudspeakers are designed to be used in 5.1 and 7.1 channel home theater configurations as well as in two channel audio systems. The versatility of these loudspeakers allows them to be used in any combination with one another to create the perfect entertainment experience in any home. We invite you to browse thru this website and check out our products. WEGG3 also offers full consultation on creating any level of home theater systems.


WEGG3 web site (December 2006): William Eggleston 3 has a knack for devising bumblebee-like designs: They shouldn't fly, but they do. His first creations, introduced in 1993, were housed in fancy end tables and elaborate pedestals. Hidden behind grilles designed to conceal their true nature were speakers that didn't look as if they could possibly sound good, and did.

Eggleston's next designs looked more like speakers, but again had an impossible idea a midrange driver used full-range with no crossover whatsoever. This idea flew. The 'original' EgglestonWorks ANDRA was a groundbreaking design and won the prestigous Stereophile 1997 Product of the Year award. Other speakers in the Andra concept followed including the IVY, designed in collaboration with Bob Ludwig for the main room at his Gateway Mastering Studio in Maine.Serial Number 01 Pair is still in use and has been Mr. Ludwig's reference for his work with such artists as Bruce Springsteen, the Rolling Stones, Beck and Sting. Bob Ludwig also continues to utilize five of the 'original' ANDRA speakers for his surround sound mastering.

In 1999, Eggleston left Eggleston Speaker Works and took a hiatus from audio so he could write and direct an independent film (yet to be released). But when Cello Electronics approached him with the challenge of designing a new high-end speaker, he couldn't resist. Cello folded, but much of the R&D work Eggleston put into the Cello project has been used in the LUNARE series of speakers, made by his new company, WEGG3. At the 2004 CES in Las Vegas, WEGG3 introduced the first speaker of an all new line. The STELAR 1 compares quite favorably with the 'original' Andra at a fraction of the price. Shipping started in early summer 2004.

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