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Vienna Acoustics web site (May 2009): Team spirit underlies all of our work at Vienna Acoustics, but when it comes right down to it, we achieve outstanding results because we are passionate. About what? Music, music, and music. And we have a vision: to bring you nearer to music by creating loudspeakers, clearly the most significant and important mediator of any sound system. At Vienna Acoustics, we have always been fascinated and motivated by the dramatic sound improvements a great speaker can provide. Mediocre systems prevent too many people from truly getting to know the joy of music, and we really appreciate the positive feedback we receive from all over the world about the musical Vienna Acoustics sound. Vienna Acoustics loudspeakers are the embodiment of our passion, our self-realization brought to life in loudspeakers that bend technology to the service of music.

Maybe it's the ambience of our town Vienna, where music is always in the air the concerts, the marvellous sound of the Goldener Musikvereinssaal, the jazz clubs, the dance clubs. Certainly Vienna is and has been an inspiration for artists; its musical heritage is overwhelming. No other city can lay claim to being the birthplace of western classical music. Mozart, Beethoven, Strauss, Schoenberg . . . the list goes on and on. Virtually every composer of significance has been drawn to Vienna, much as we have, for its richly musical backdrop. Today, Vienna remains the "City of Music," as the finest orchestras in the world bring their sonic delights to a populace at once critical and enthusiastic. We feel lucky to be able to relish all these musical offerings, and to combine these experiences with our work.

Nothing is more important for us than your recognition of our commitment and talent in the sound, innovation, and quality of our speakers. This website contains comprehensive background information, but only hearing Vienna Acoustics products in person, for yourself, can demonstrate with real immediacy what makes our speakers so special. Our efforts focus on each individual product (please visit our value page), to ensure that every one of our customers will get the masterpiece the designer intended, wherever she or he unpacks a Vienna Acoustics speaker. This is our self-realization: wherever we meet our progeny again, we'll be proud of them.

Lars Mejborg Eliasson (January 6, 2010): Guten tag ich Will nur sagen ich bin sehr Glucklich, mit meiener Mahler mrk 2 Acoustics Vienna , jeden tag geben sie sehr viel freude.. mit Grusse Lars. Eliasson aus Denemark

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