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Velodyne Acoustics web site (July 2, 2009): Velodyne Acoustics is the industry leader in loudspeaker styling, performance, and value. Since the company's inception in 1983, Velodyne has been acclaimed by industry experts, audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts for its innovative designs, close tolerance manufacturing and exceptional performance.

The central theme of founder David Hall's vision was to limit or eliminate distortion from loudspeakers. Mr. Hall's background in the development of complex devices for accurate measurement of motion was first applied to the development of an HGS (High-Gain Servo) feedback system to measure and control the movement of large bass drivers in 1983. The resulting ULD (Ultra-Low Distortion) series of servo-controlled subwoofers was hailed as a breakthrough comparable in significance to that of Dolby Laboratories' noise reduction technologies. This patented technology reduced distortion in speakers from the 15-30% standard of the day to a previously unimagined level of lower than 1% at 105 dB. In doing so, Velodyne defined the modern subwoofer category and offered both audio and home theater the experience of low, accurate, dynamic bass performance.

Today, Velodyne applies a "Total System Design" philosophy that is inherent in every Velodyne product. This unique holistic approach to loudspeaker design is a result of the marriage of "Silicon Valley" technological innovation with close-tolerance manufacturing techniques to develop and produce the finest sound reproducing systems in the world.

The accelerometer based HGS servo control system is today an integral component of many Velodyne products including the HGS Series II subwoofers. These subs deliver superior sound quality in unbelievably small and beautiful high-gloss piano-black cabinets that integrate easily into any home. HGS subwoofers not only feature the HGS System, but also a revolutionary, patented ERS (Energy Recover System) Class D switching amplifier in addition to unique "Dual Tandem" voice coils to deliver the greatest output. This results in the best combination of dynamic output levels for home theater and extremely accurate, low distortion music reproduction from the smallest cabinets possible.

The SPL (Small Plays Loud) Series consists of three high-powered "micro" subwoofers and the SPL-523 "Center Stage" home theater speaker system (also available as individual SPL-23 speakers). The SPL subwoofers incorporate the ERS amplifier design and Dual Tandem voice coil design used in the flagship HGS Series II. More affordable than the HGS products, they utilize Velodyne's "Dynamic Driver Control System" to assure maximum output and minimum distortion. The SPL satellites, with their innovative offset tweeter, create an incredible soundstage regardless of how they are installed or mounted in the room due to their uniquely flexible base/wall mount design.

Utilizing the SPL subwoofer technology and computer-assisted satellite design, the Deco System is the first complete home theater package in one box developed by Velodyne. The attention to maintaining low distortion while creating a dramatic home theater experience from a small, easily installed package makes the Deco System the favorite of industry reviewers as well as consumers.

Velodyne's CHT (Classic Home Theater) products are perfect for the cost conscious consumer.Based on Velodyne's years of experience in subwoofer and speaker design, both the subs and the speaker system reflect Velodyne's dedication to musical accuracy and its commitment to bringing the true theater experience into your home.

Regardless of the price range, each Velodyne product is designed and built with the same dedication to high performance, quality construction and low distortion that David Hall envisioned when he designed the very first ULD product. Headquartered in Morgan Hill, California, Velodyne is a privately held corporation that employs approximately 70 people and distributes its products through a worldwide network of premier, authorized dealers and international distributors.

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