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Van Duppen web site (December 9, 2009): Van Duppen Loudspeaker Design was founded in 2004 by Dennis van Duppen, passionate music lover and a techie with a creative spirit. The goal is simple: To build world-class speakers in every way to the wishes of demanding customers. Excellent sound quality, attractive design and a finish that perfectly harmonizes with the interior of the customer, stylish customization.

Music is an essential ingredient in our lives. By playing musical emotions are aroused. When we with audio equipment to reproduce music, these emotions however rarely generated. Anywhere and listen to music equipment is needed. Our task is to bridge the gap between the musical and technical world. The intention is that you can experience emotions at home, as you experiences while attending live music.

Because we realize that most of our speakers will be part of normal living areas, design and workmanship are a key component of our designs. There should be beaten to a bridge between technology and design. Particularly important is the fusion of design and technology within the existing multimedia-in spaces, where TV, DVD player and speakers, harmoniously integrated in the immediate vicinity should be.

To our best speakers to integrate in your interior, Van Duppen speakers only be manufactured to order. This enables us to offer the customer complete freedom of choice as regards finish and color. You can contact us so decide how the speakers of your choice look like. Still one step further with our customized AV furniture, custom made and exactly with an active subwoofer and center speaker if necessary. To make your choices easier we would like to recommend, but you can also seek advice elsewhere, such as an interior architect.

Before you finish provides, first the speaker model should be chosen. A high quality speaker system is quite expensive, but also the most decisive part of an audio sound system. For years, the fun is to be chosen very carefully. We gladly take the time to detail the various systems to demonstrate, preferably familiar with your own CDs. It's also possible your own equipment or speakers to take along for comparison.

If you proceed to purchase, then obviously the system we will install in your home. As we develop our own speaker systems we know them inside out and we are also able to your home the maximum out of it, perhaps by small acoustic changes.

TAC (December 9, 2009): The Van Duppen website is currently under construction.

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