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Ultimate Sound web site (July 5, 2009): At Ultimate, we understand that our clients have a wide variety of preferences as to how a loudspeaker should look and sound, and that no single loudspeaker series could address all these desires. For some, audiophile performance is the only requirement whereas others may value the appearance, value or a combination of all three elements. That is why we design a carefully chosen selection of loudspeakers that address the key characteristics desired by our consumers.

Universal Appeal

There are certain characteristics of loudspeakers that are essential for universal appeal such as exhilarating performance and striking cosmetics. The Ultimate Power and Stage series loudspeakers excel at both audio and video applications, and feature traditional yet stylish design in a variety of finishes to suit any taste. Highly efficient, they can be matched with any electronics and provide high output levels, while their natural sound is perfectly suited for any musical or theatrical preferences. The Ultimate Power and Stage series loudspeakers are the perfect foundation for any stereo or multi-channel system.

Audiophile Performance

The Korus series possess the most advanced loudspeaker technology available from Ultimate. Smooth and sophisticated with performance that is seemingly generated effortlessly, the Korus shares similarities with an exotic sports car-power on tap and appreciated most when driven hard. Equipped with audiophile-adored qualities such as a titanium tweeter and bi-amp/wire capabilities, the Korus series sets the standards of loudspeaker technology.

Lifestyle Cosmetics

A loudspeaker doesn't have to be the primary focus of a room, it can blend into a room and fill it with rich sound without disturbing the decor. The Cinema and Image series systems are all beautifully sculpted cabinets that will compliment a room but not dominate it, blend with contemporary surroundings, and perfectly match flat screens. These loudspeakers are the Ultimate in audio lifestyle cosmetics.

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