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Uher web site (November 11, 2009): The computer science UHER GmbH distributes high-quality solutions for office communication. To guarantee the sustainability of this level of the computer science UHER GmbH works together with selected companies that are leaders in this field. Thus, computer science is UHER GmbH. Language processing is our strength, ultimately, our roots are in the UHER tape devices, as well as see the ASSMANN and dictation to UHER. That's over 50 years knowledge and experience in the field of voice and word processing. Of a highly qualified team, we offer our services nationwide.


Henry Dove (August 3, 2005): There is not much information on the history of Uher. Still living contemporaries express reluctantly over the Uher past, in particular over the sudden closure and 1.500 dismissals. The company UHER is probably beside AEG-Telefunken and Grundig the third-most important manufacturer of tape recorders in the history of the Germany. UHER was like hardly any other out to make the devices of the consumer range HiFi suited. The perhaps most important invention is the patented Bandzugkomperator.

Uher started out as a manufacturer of toys and and decided toi start manufacturing tape recorders. In the eighties the company UHER Werke Munich was bought by Assmann in Bad Homburg. Assmann was wellknown for telephone systems and dictating machines. It incorporated UHER for its know how on professional tape recorders. Today Assmann still uses the label name under "UHER Informatik" for dictating machines and language documentation.

In addition the former owners of UHER have sold the label name TRANSONIC for import devices. TRANSONIC however didn't survive for a long time. The name UHER then came into the possession of OTTO Versandes.

Main cause for Uher's fall lay in the high production costs in Germany, which broke practically the neck to the entire German HiFi industry at the end of the 70's. On the other hand almost all devices were limited to only one engine and a drift to the favorable Japanese Mehrmotorern were pre-programmed. In addition came all kinds of Wehwechen of the individual devices, which forced Uher to rework. Uher frequently used the assortment of the German tone head specialist Bogen.

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