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Dynamic Speakers

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Trusonic web site (December 30, 2009): Stephens Trusonic manufactured very high quality speakers in the 60's and 70's for theater, commercial, and audiophile use. They were ranked with Bozak, Altec-Lansing, and JB Lansing. Later, they made a few enclosures and systems. They used cast aluminum baskets, large magnets, large edge-wound voicecoils, and featured free-cone suspension. Many people considered them to be more natural sounding than their competition and I had a pair of the 80FR speakers which I really regret selling.

Horatio Happablatt (June 26, 2010): I have happened upon a pair of vintage stereo loudspeakers. A common friend purchased a house in Berkeley, CA in 1963. Permanently mounted were models 1 ea of 152A and 206 of Tru-Sonic loudspeakers, manufactured by Stephens Mfg., Los Angeles. One is marked 6 ohm. I assume the older is the same. Photos avail. Each unit features cast aluminum frames, original wiring and hardware throughout. Pls remit comments to

Horatio Happablatt (June 26, 2010): Just correcting a typo, the model 206 speaker is marked 16 ohm.

josh toy (October 20, 2012): Ther was a 150 fr i did not see in your list

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