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Dynamic Speakers

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Translife web site (December 29, 2009): In our opinion, it does not matter how music is made. After all, it's a matter of individual taste. But we do not feel that way about loudspeaker systems for quality design and construction which are so important. That's why the LARGO System is manufactured to such exacting standards with proprietary components TRANS LIFE.

You surely will not find a loudspeaker system like this anywhere else! That is simply because, at TRANS LIFE, our technology is unique in several ways, and we still manufacture loudspeaker systems in the Truest sense of the word, by hand and step-by-step from the first sketch to the finished product. It may take longer that way, but the extra time spent is largely attributable to careful attention to detail, extensive testing, and adherence to strict quality control procedures. Only when every single component has been manufactured on custom-made tools and lathes, every single airgap has been meticulously measured and aligned, and every step has been carefully checked, a loudspeaker system does not deserve to bear the LARGO sign.

The outcome has to be seen --- and, of course, heard! Other loudspeaker systems may excel in displaying delicate treble, clean reproduction of the midrange, and a well-contoured and powerful bass, but you will still be surprised when listening to a LARGO SYSTEM. You can expect a whole new listening experience that can hardly be described by words! The music is being perceived by the entire body. You are literally carried away - experiencing what one might call a "fourth dimension of sound" with powerful, well-defined bass extending below the audio range, a lively uncolored reproduction of mids and treble giving you the impression that you're actually in The recording studio, and life-like dynamics over the whole frequency range! You simply can `t get closer to music than this! And, finally you can experience this superb performance in the home theater as well as in stereo listening.

Besides performing to a standard of very high definition and very even dispersion of sound in the vertical plane, the LARGO SYSTEM So excels in another area that has become Increasingly important these days. Since it is virtually free of any resonant frequencies, your neighbors will not be forced to listen to your musical preferences. Such resonance-free reproduction even keeps the bass notes well within your listening room with essentially none of those dreaded resonances going astray through walls, ceiling, and floor.

As perfect as the LARGO SYSTEM is in terms of acoustics, its appearance is conparable. As a result of its thin profile, the LARGO BASS SYSTEM can be positioned horizontally in a corner of the room, or it can be hung like a picture from the wall. Only the frames and the flat speaker panels, which comprise the speaker face, are visible. For large rooms, the LARGO BASS PANELS may be arranged in multiples to form larger units. In appearance, the total LARGO SYSTEM is a study in understatement with its slim sturdy frames of extruded aluminum.

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