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Tonsil web site (December 29, 2009): The Tonsil Loudspeaker Company of Poland was established in 1945 and has grown from small beginnings to become a major electroacoustic company in Europe. Our company designs and manufactures a large range of loudspeakers and it should be noted that company output is not just confined to drive units. Complete loudspeakers are assembled from raw wood, metal and plastics, making a product range that spans from in-car speakers to hi-fi speakers, headphones and microphones, PA amplifiers and guitar loudspeakers.

Tonsil has kept a low profile outside of Poland under it's own name, but like many companies it's output relies heavily on OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) contracts. Clients we manufacture for include Pioneer, Motorola, Fiat, Daewoo, and many other very well known brands. Acoustical perfection is designed, built and tested in our research and development Hi-Tech laboratories, which includes the largest anechoic chamber in Europe. The test equipment is a blend of traditional instruments, scopes, signal generators and Bruel & Kjaer mics, alongside computer-driven technology including MLSSA and LEAP software.

Our factory, totaling 50,000 square meters of production space, employs over one thousand eight hundred people. It encompasses an industrial plant for metal parts production and quieter assembly rooms where skilled workers build up complete speakers. Complete drivers are assembled on semi-automated production lines. Individual components for those drivers; like stamped chassis, cones, surrounds, voice coils and magnets are also made on-site.

Cabinets are assembled in a separate plant using traditional chipboard, MDF and solid wood materials. The tool-making machine shop and the plastics unit are responsible for cones and plastic driver baskets. High volume production and in-house component sourcing allows us to offer attractive manufacturing costs to major foreign companies and consumers, leading to export sales exceeding 50% of the total manufacturing volume last year - over 90% of that to Germany and Britain.

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