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Tidal web site (July 5, 2009): Words alone cannot effectively describe the "TIDAL sound". Naturally, we could use objective descriptions such as "ruler-smooth frequency response", "ultra fast step response" and excessive adjectives like "neutrality" and "amazing soundstage". But we expect these qualities to be a successful by-product of accurate engineering stemming from our goal of reaching for perfection. However, accuracy alone does not touch the heart. A delicate balance between information & emotion must be struck for a perfect union. Excellent sound is not enough; music is the goal. Therefore a TIDAL always present the artist, never itself.

TIDAL loudspeakers and amplifiers reveal true emotional musical performances. We promise you one thing - Music. Our components do not introduce phase or timing anomalies. Extended listening will reveal that our components do not suppress details, induce fatigue, or impart their own tonal character. With so many manufacturers and award winning products, it becomes difficult to distinguish between mere claims and reality. Therefore, we recommend that you simply trust your own ears and listen to TIDAL to decide for yourself. Actual listening will quickly reveal inherent musical qualities that tests and reviews cannot effectively communicate. These claims may generate heightened expectations - we will easily exceed them...

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