Thorens TD-224

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General information[contribute]

The Thorens TD-224 is a turntable. It is part of the 200 series.

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dario borgia (April 7, 2011): Hello,

I'm Italian and, unfortunately, I don't speak English well.
I've got a copy of FOLDER for TD 224.
I translated into Italian the owner's manual, the service manual and the folder. I have also put together the three texts in order to achieve a single more complete manual, always in Italian.
In addition, in this unique manual, each piece of TD 224 has a different color and these colors were also reported in the copies of the graphs. This makes it easier to understand the graphs from the text of the manual.
I am willing to send for free at least the complete manual translated in Italian, if anyone is interested in it.
Best regards, Dario

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