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Thorens (December 2002): We are proud to announce our all new line of turntables to you. The new models are build to meet the requirements of the actual and future markets. To be useable in every country and under every power condition all models have a fully regulated motor electronics where also speed is selected. Every model is belt-driven by a synchronous motor. They are equipped with Rega tonearms and can be used with other tonearms up to 10 inch versions also.

Steve (August 1, 2010): For more than a century, Thorens has been one of the world's leading turntable manufacturers. Thorens is known worldwide for their legendary reliability. To the delight of discerning listeners all over the globe, literally thousands of these well-known masterpieces are still playing music decades later. Thorens effectively marries modern technology with time-honored tradition.



Thorens was found in 1883 in St Croix, Switzerland. What most people don't know, is that Thorens originally manufactured cigarette lighters, razors and harmonicas. By the 1920's, Thorens started manufacturing musical reproduction equipment with direct-drive motors. Between 1939 and 1945, Thorens built disc-cutting lathes and introduced a record changer called the CD-30.

First Thorens Turntable

The first Thorens turntable, the TD-124, was produced in 1957 and was aimed at the amateur (but wealthy) audio enthusiast. This turntable did not initially feature a tonearm, however in 1958 the BTD-12 tonearm was introduced, and from then on it came with the TD-124.

Modified TD-124

In 1966, Thorens improved the original TD-124 by introducing a lighter tonearm, "tweaking" the motor and modifying the speed adjustment and speed change knobs.
Both versions of the TD-124 featured oversized moving parts to enhance stability of the turntable. Both turntables also featured the ability to play 16, 33, 45 and 78 rpm (rounds per minute) records.

Thorens Record-Changing Turntable

Thorens became more popular with every model, and they started to make innovating turntables. The TD-224 turntable featured a record-changer. The TD-224 did not only play the records after each other, but it could actually change the order of them. However, the unit was to expensive for most people, so they had to stop the production in 1968.

Thorens Moves to Germany

Due to competition from Japan, Thorens decided to move to Germany for lower production costs. In 1966 they moved to Germany and merged with Wilhelm Franz's company, EMT, and formed Thorens-Franz AG. Together, they started producing the lighter and less expensive TD-150, as well as the 928, which was essentially the TD-124 but with better electronics and a stylus light. Unfortunately, the production costs were higher than expected, and the production was soon dropped. The 928 was the last EMT model produced while Wilhelm Franz was still alive. He died in 1972.

Thorens in the 1980s

In the 1980's, the upcoming of the CD dropped the demand of turntables drastically. Thorens experienced serious financial trouble, but luckily investors resurrected the company in an attempt to rebuild the name. Thorens Audio Hi-Fi Vertrievs HMBG became owned and managed by Herr Helmut Leitner and operated factories in Berlin and Lahr.

Thorens in the 2000s

In December 2002, Thorens filed for bankruptcy bankruptcy in Germany, but the government wouldn't grant it. Consequently, Thorens decided to return to Switzerland, and in May 2002 the company was restructured with new management. Now operating as Thorens Services Ltd., the company continues to distribute its products to more than 50 countries worldwide!

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