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Tempo Electric web site (December 28, 2009): Tempo Electric was founded by JL in 1999 with the expressed purpose of producing Dr. L's designs in definitive editions, using the best possible parts, built to the highest practical standards, and without unit-to-unit variation. Working together, often on a daily basis, the two pushed Dr. L's designs to their limits in order to realize an unprecedented level of life-like, in-home musical reproduction.

Tempo's goal is to provide a home audio system which has been carefully mapped from source to speaker, eliminating the issue of equipment matching, as well as to produce individual components which integrate well into existing setups. The number of models has been kept to a minimum and each is introduced only when its level of achievement cannot be bettered. When you purchase one of our products, you do so without fear of a Mk II, III, or IV update appearing every six months. Upgrades, if any, will be minimal and designed to be retrofitted at nominal cost.

Tempo Electric's main facility is located in the former Artistic Shirt Company building in downtown Troy, NY. Because we're setup as a workshop rather than a factory, all of our models are handmade in limited numbers. Our energies are devoted to making the best quality products for a select number of music lovers who, like ourselves, are perfectionists, rather than in setting records for mass production or distribution. The cabinet shop is located 10 minutes away in the Harmony Mills section of Cohoes, NY.

All of our products are designed and built in the USA, primarily with US-sourced components.

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