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Panasonic website (July 2001): Panasonic's vision of the digital future is driven by the needs and aspirations of our business customers and millions of consumers around the world who use our products every day. We share their dream to live a fuller life by providing ways of working smarter and enjoying the rewards of technological advances.

As we move forward together with our customers into the uncharted future of the 21st century with the prospect of future technologies and systems yet to be thought of, Panasonic's standards are still firmly grounded in the philosophy of company founder Konosuke Matsushita. He began our journey in 1918 by inventing a two-socket light fixture. Profound in its import yet elegantly simple, Konosuke Matsushita's breakthrough led to what is now one of the world's largest electronics companies. As he built Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., he never lost sight of the importance of putting the needs of his customers and the public first.

Panasonic will continue its Customer First tradition of creating new products that resolve the challenges in business and personal life, helping us all enjoy more of what life has to offer. The name Panasonic is synonymous with innovation, quality, performance and ease of use. We look forward to a bright and shining technological future, and to playing a leading role in the digitally networked society, propelled by the creativity and dedication of our employees here and around the world.


Panasonic website (July 2001): Established in Osaka, Japan in 1918, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. (NYSE: MC), a worldwide leader in the development of technologies and the production of electronics and electric products for consumer, business and industrial use, recorded sales of $61.45 billion for the fiscal year ended March 2001. Matsushita Electric and its affiliates (“Panasonic") have over 290,000 employees in 46 countries. In North America, Panasonic has marketing, production, research and development and service operations that employ more than 25,000 people. Panasonic has 21 North American manufacturing sites in the United States, Mexico and Puerto Rico

Panasonic web site (December 2003):

1918 Matsushita Electric Devices Manufacturing Works established Improved attachment plug

1920 Double Cluster Socket

1923 Bullet-shaped battery-powered bicycle light

1927 Super electric iron

1931 3-tube radio

1932 Export Trading Dept. established. True Mission of the company announced

1933 Divisional System established

1934 1/2-horsepower, 3-phase induction motor

1935 Matsushita Electric Trading Co. established. Incorporated as Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd

1936 First business mission to the West

1938 Import Dept. established

1939 World War II breaks out First overseas factory opens (Matsushita Battery's Shanghai factory)

1940 Matsushita Hospital established

1941 Pacific War breaks out

1945 World War II ends, United Nations established Overseas activities start from scratch

1946 PHP Institute established

1951 President Konosuke Matsushita makes first visit to the U.S. Agitator-type washing machine

1952 Technical and capital cooperation agreement with Philips Monochrome TV

1953 Electric refrigerator

1954 Alliance with Victor Company of Japan. 5-tube personal radio. 4 -tube 1 -band portable radio

1956 Five-Year Plan announced. Automatic rice cooker

1958 Tape recorder. Home air-conditioner

1959 First postwar overseas sales company established (Matsushita Electric Corporation of America) Japan-Netherlands Society of the Kansai established

1960 Color TV Begin support for Japanese Traditional Arts and Crafts

1961 Vietnam War breaks out The first postwar overseas manufacturing company established (National Thai Co.) Masaharu Matsushita becomes President

1962 First sales company in Europe established (National Panasonic G.m.b.H.) Facsimile for office use (SD/LD series)

1965 Reorganization of Sales and Distribution. Five-Day Work Week begun

1966 Home Microwave Oven

1967 Radio cassette recorder

1968 Zinc oxide varistor ZNR Matsushita Electric House of History opens Ryozen Museum of History (The Meiji Restoration Research Center) established

1969 Fully-automated component insertion machine "Panasert"

1970 Direct-drive turntable EXPO '70 Time Capsule buried

1971 Nixon Dollar Shock Matsushita Electric shares traded on NYSE. Asuka Preservation Foundation established

1972 Matsushita Electric Singapore established (export site)

1973 First Oil Crisis. Konosuke Matsushita becomes Executive Adviser.Matsushita Audio-Visual Education Foundation established

1974 Motorola TV Division acquired, Quasar Company established

1975 Matsushita Professorship established at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

1976 First R&D company in the U.S. established (Microelectronics Technology Corporation)

1977 Toshihiko Yamashita becomes President VHS video tape recorder with up to 4 - hour recording capability. Thin radio

1979 Paper-thin battery

1980 Iran-Iraq War breaks out. Matsushita Institute of Government and Management opens Factory for the disabled established (Kibi Matsushita, Okayama)

1981 Endowment for chair in leadership at Harvard Business School. Factory for the disabled established (Katano Matsushita, Osaka)

1982 CD player

1983 The Science and Technology Foundation of Japan established

1984 Official sponsor of the Olympic Games

1985 Panasonic Finance Inc.(U.S.A.) established. VHS camcorder Matsushita Professorship established at Stanford Business School

1986 Chernobyl Atomic Power Generation Plant accident Akio Tanii becomes President

1987 Beijing Matsushita form joint-venture (first company in China after World War II)

1988 Matsushita Electric Trading Co. merges with Matsushita Electric Industrial The Matsushita International Foundation established. K. Matsushita Foundation for EXPO '90 established

1989 Tianammon incident Konosuke Matsushita passes away

1990 Unification of Germany Matsushita acquires MCA. Notebook personal computer. Matsushita Professorship established at Keio Business School

1991 Collapse of the U.S.S.R and creation of the Commonwealth of Independent States Matsushita Environmental Charter set forth 1/2-inch broadcasting digital VTR "D-3". Cellular phone "Mova P". Rewritable optical disc recorder Support of Pacific Music Festival begun. Matsushita Professorship established at Warton School, Pennsylvania University

1993 EC market integration. Yoichi Morishita becomes President Bulb-type fluorescent lights "Palook Ball"

1994 Lithium ion rechargeable battery Panasonic Fund for the Disabled established

1996 DVD player. Plasma display Matsushita Lecture. Series at Fudan University (Shanghai) begins

1997 Hong Kong returned to China. Asia Currency Crisis leads to global depreciation of stock market Internal division company system adopted DVD car navigation system

1998 DVCPRO series video system. Portable DVD player. Digital TV Panasonic Scholarship Program established
Love the Earth Citizens' Campaign starts. Financial Support System for Employee Volunteer Activities starts

1999 221 facilities worldwide attain ISO14001 certification

2000 Kunio Nakamura becomes President

2001 Value Creation 21 plan starts Matsushita Electric sponsors the Toyota F1 team Children Supporters Matching Fund established Panasonic donation to disaster fund to directly assist people affected by 9/11 terrorist attacks

2002 Environment Supporters Matching Fund established

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Al (April 28, 2015): Sea3 needed to rebuild missing right channel

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