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James Wong (August 5, 2004): Tandberg is Oslo based and started radio production in 1933. They got famous with their production of tape-recorders and cassette-recorders which started in 1952 with the model 1 of which 4000 units were produced. They reorganised in 1978 and went on under Tandberg Audio SA. What did they produce elsewhise: fantastic pre- and main ampflifiers, tuners, turntables (at start with Garrard) and even CD-players. More information on: www.nrhf.no/nrhf-TR-innhold.html

Lasse (April 10, 2009): Tandberg audio shut down december 1999.


Vebjorn Tandberg was born in Bodo, a small town in the northern part of Norway, in 1904. As a boy he developed an interest in radios, and later studied at a technical university. He graduated in 1930 as an electronic engineer in Trondheim and founded Tandbergs Radiofabrikk (Tandberg's radio factory) in Oslo in 1933.

The first radio was named "Tommeliten", and used only earphones. This was followed by the "Corona" (with loudspeaker.) In 1934 the first "Huldra" radio was launched, followed in 1936 by the "Solvsuper". During the early years, radios, loudspeakers and microphones were the main output from the factory. The Solvsuper and the Huldra radios became the foundation for Tandberg's success. A new plant at Kjelsas (in Oslo) opened in 1951 and by 1952 the production of reel to reel tape recorders had begun. During the 1950's these became a great success for Tandberg. Their share of the Norwegian market was large; by 1956 40,000 tape recorders had been sold, and most of these came from Tandbergs Radiofabrikk. Tandberg became synonymous with advanced technology at a reasonable price, especially in the USA. "Cross-field" recording technique is a Tandberg-innovation from the 60's, although AKAI and ROBERTS used it as well. The factory started manufacturing TV sets from 1960. The plant at Kjeller in Skedsmo was built in 1966 with production of color TV's from 1969.

The Radionette-company, another big Norwegian radio and TV manufacturer, was taken over by Tandberg in 1972. The total number of employees was now 2000, which had increased to 3100 at 7 plants in 1976. Unfortunately that same year produced a large negative economic downturn, and the economic disaster continued until bankruptcy in December 1978. In late August same year Vebjorn Tandberg tragically comitted suicide at the age of 74.

James Wong (February 25, 2009): Company origin: the radio factory. The Tandberg company was founded as Tandbergs Radiofabrikk ("Tandberg's Radio Factory") in 1933 by electronics engineer Vebjorn Tandberg, initially producing loudspeakers, receivers (radios with built in amplifiers). The company launched its first reel-to-reel tape recorder in 1952. The company was known world wide for its high end audio systems. When the audiophiles speak of Tandberg audio components, they are referring to products of this company. Even though Tandberg no longer manufactures audio components, such components are in high demand.

In particular, Tandberg cassette decks (such as the 3014) were widely thought to be among the very best. With the decline of cassette tape technology, current audio system manufacturers no longer focus on cassette decks. Given the high quality of construction of the prior Tandberg units, these may be the last decks to survive in working condition as the future unfolds.

Tandberg was also known for its tuners, whose specifications and sound were among the best known, specifically the 3001A, which some audiophiles consider the finest and most musical tuner ever made.

Tandberg made a well known, but very small, integrated amplifier, called the "Troll" which received industry acclaim.

Some Tandberg products used a DIN connector rather than the more common RCA connector.Lasse (April 9, 2009): Tandberg Audio Products A/S where owned by the record shop Akers Mic. It closed in 1999, and also Tandberg Audio Products A/S where closed. Today Tandberg Data, Tandberg Storage, Tandberg ASA still exist, but audio (Tape/radio/amplifiers/loudspeakers) will probably newer be produced anymore.

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