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TDK web site (July 5, 2009): Through our original manufacturing power, we will provide products of value, and keep growing TDK was founded in 1935, to commercialize the magnetic material "ferrite." For more than 70 years since then, TDK has enriched the materials technology down the stream of ferrite, the process technology to extract the most out of such materials, and the evaluation and simulation technology. Through these, we have developed and provided a variety of products of value and originality to the society.

Today, amid the progress of digitization and advanced information networking, the manufacturing of TDK that fully utilizes its core technologies gave birth to a wide range of products, from hard disk drive head, multilayer ceramic chip capacitor, inductor, sensor, to noise management parts and others. These products representing TDK have been supporting the progress and the spread of mobile equipments and home information appliances.

The electronic technology is now on the stage of yet another breakthrough. The electronic technology has brought big dreams and benefits to people's life. But, yet further development is expected of it, and the role of the electronic materials and the electronic components that are essential to the progress of the electronic equipments will become more and more important.

TDK will go deeper into core technologies it accumulated over the years with nanotechnology, and at the same time it will concentrate its business resources on three areas of "Home information appliances", "Broadband network", and "Car electronics". While responding quickly to the rapid changes of the market, TDK will inspire originality in the manufacturing using its strong points, develop technologies and products of value toward harmonious coexistence with the earth, and keep growing further.

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