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System Audio web site (December 30, 2009): A meaningful product consists of meaningful ideas that work in the real world. SA loudspeakers are based on a number of ideas that are as simple as they are long-life. We call it system design.
The alphabet is the first system design that was invented. The system consists of letters that can be combined into words and sentences. The sentences become stories that connect people and make sense. SA has, with respect, borrowed the idea from the alphabet to create loudspeakers where the same ideas are part of all products, but in different designs.


System Audio web site (July 8, 2009): It was the year 1984. At that time loudspeakers had to be gigantic and technically complicated. This was when SA introduced its first loudspeaker, and the press was amazed and wrote: "This loudspeaker sets new standards". But this loudspeaker was not like all the others, because it was a compact speaker with big sound. A loudspeaker that was created in fascination of excellent sound – and not just technology. A loudspeaker that showed a new way.

t was Ole Witthøft, who founded System Audio A/S back in 1984. For a long time he had been looking for some really good loudspeakers and as a musician he knew how music should sound. Ole explains: "There were no loudspeakers that could reproduce the music in a live way. Most of them sounded boring. If you do not hear the details of the sound or sense the feeling because the reproduction is too poor, then you will never experience how exciting music can be. I wondered why the loudspeakers were competing about the best technical specifications when it is the sound that matters".

Therefore he decided to build his own loudspeakers. Within a few years the demand for Ole Witthøft's loudspeakers increased and in 1984 System Audio A/S was a reality. Today Ole Witthøft is the leader of the R/D department at System Audio A/S. Millions have been invested in product development and a team of experts are constantly working to ensure that SA loudspeakers will keep on showing new ways.

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