Synergistics S-51

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General information[contribute]

The Synergistics S-51 is a dynamic speaker. It was manufactured from 1977 to unknown.

Hugh Leonhardt (September 26, 2018): I have a set of S-51 speakers I bought in 1975. I got them to hook up to the Sansui 9090 DB I just purchased. I'm still using it, but haven't used the speakers for some time. I could never get very much bass out of them. They didn't seem to be evenly matched. I lucked into a pair of Pro Studio speakers with 2 15" woofers each. The Sansui can sure crank the bass out of them. I have to play it when the wife is gone. If you like a lot of bass, try Fleetwood Mac's 1997 dance tour on you tube.

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