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  • Sumo Electric Company Limited
  • 1230 N. Horn Ave. W. Hollywood, California, 90069, USA
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  • +1 213 659 4370
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Dynamic Speakers
Solid State Amplifiers

General information [contribute]

A brochure from Sumo dated 1979 (provided by Frank Ortiz, December 2002): The driving force behind our efforts is James Bongiorno, clearly one of the leading innovators in the audio industry. For the last several years from his Dynaco days, through his stay at S. A. E. culminating with his founding of the Great American Sound Company Inc. , his designs have been consistently in the forefront of technology and have been the most copied designs in the industry. His leadership and creative marketing, aside from scientific achievements, made G.A.S. the fastest growing and most successful company in the entire industry in recent years.

We at Sumo are fortunate to have his leadership and creative inspiration which is so familiar to most audiophiles. Our new products reflect Mr. Bongiorno's continuing efforts in the direction of achieving sonic perfection at an affordable price.

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