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Dynamic Speakers

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Maikel D. (July 23, 2009): I bought my TC-50's in the mid 80s, and later added the factory sub. My friends would come over for listening sessions. Everyone would bring a handful of records and we would listen for hours. These speakers had a phenomenal ability to cast a big stage with clarity and their ability to image is legendary. While my system cost much less then others in the listening group, the sound it produced wasn't in the budget category.

Sad to say, but the albums just haven't been spinning as much these past few years and the Spicas have been neglected. One of my teenagers wanted to listed to some albums recently, so I dusted things off and went to listen. That's when I discovered that my cats (yikes!) had taken there toll on the drivers. I was disheartened, these speakers have been the source of much enjoyment and I felt I needed to put them back in order. I had squirreled away spare tweeter and woofer, but sadly I needed two of each to get back in the grove and so I began trying to find replacements.

That put me on an unexpected quest for information about these speakers and all things Spica. I hope to fill out these pages with information and links so that others can benefit from my journey.

Why go to all this trouble? I hate the thought of any of these great speakers ending up in the landfill or rotting way in a thrift store. These aren't Quad ESLs, but for the price they are simply great.


Spica web site (July 23, 2009): Spica was started by John Bau in 1978 and continued until its purchase by Parasound late in 1993. The February, 1988 interview with John Bau in Stereophile covers Spica's early efforts and the history of the company through the launch of the Angelus. In November of 1995, Parasound announced that it was suspending Spica development. In the announcement Parasound discussed the market pressures it was under, pledging that TC-60 production would continue through the spring of 1996.

1979 SC-50 Launched at CES

1983 TC-50 Launched at WCES

1985 Servo Sub

1988 TC-50i began shipping revised TC50i (approx. s/n 7500)

1988 Angelus Launched WCES

1989 SC-30 Launched

1993 Spica Parasound Purchases Spica

1994 TC-60 Launched / Press Release

1995 Spica Parasound Announces End of Spica Development

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