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Speaker Factory web site (July 23, 2009): We intend to remain at the forefront of technology and to continue to advance the"state-of-the-art" in the area of loudspeaker design and construction. For over four decades our company has been producing sound systems utilizing the most advanced internal construction qualities in the market place. Long before it became fashionable (circa-1960) we were utilizing a considerable degree of internal structural bracing in order to reduce noise in cabinet panels. By reducing this noise, practicing good engineering, and implementing high quality audiophile crossover components and drive units, The Speaker Factory has been able to produce some of the finest, most musical sounding speaker systems available. We have every intention of continuing this lifelong goal in the 21st century.


Speaker Factory web site (July 23, 2009): Since early in 1959, what began as a hobby, under the direction of Ray Indris--Rayco Sound Company began selling loudspeaker systems for domestic and pro-sound applications under the name of Electro-Sound Acoustics.

By 1961, the company produced its first high performance audio speaker system. The early systems were typically larger than most and were positioned to compete directly with the big Altec-Lansing, Bozak, Electro-Voice and James B. Lansing audio speakers of that day. Because production capacity was small, our products were produced on a custom built basis. What really mattered to us was that we were building out of love for producing the best product we could design at an affordable price.

For more than 44 years, what is now Rayco Sound Industries, Inc. has continued in professional growth and development and has always done its best to provide high-quality sound sytems. As our retail location--The Speaker Factory--in addition to building a range of top quality stereo speaker systems, we offer audio electronic components, speaker parts, speaker repair and upgrades to name brand competitive speaker systems.

As we approach the 21st century, The Speaker Factory is prepared to bring our customers unequalled high-end quality and performance at modest cost, thereby continuing our long established philosophy--fine quality at a reasonable price. Call for an appointment today! Huong van (August 2, 2009): Hi I'm looking for a magnet with able to use one loudspeaker's 1000 watts, or a loudspeaker's 1000 watts. Please me know if you have one for sale. Thank you Regards Huong van

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