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  • Soundline Audio Corporation
  • 2995 Van Buren A13 PMB 433 Riverside CA, 92503, USA
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  • +1 909 789 5714
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Dynamic Speakers
Ribbon Speakers

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TAC (January 4, 2010): The Soundline Audio website is currently offline.

Soundline Audio web site (November 2000): The Technology and its Benefits: All systems from Soundline Audio feature planar magnetic-ribbon line source drivers operating in a push-pull configuration. This type of driver consists of a very thin (typically less than one half of one-one thousandth of an inch thick) conductive film suspended between two rows of permanent magnets. The musical signal is applied to the film and the film is then subsequently attracted or repelled to and from the magnets. The movement of the film creates the sound wave, which you hear. This type of driver has many advantages over more traditional drivers typically used in "box" type speaker systems. The following discussion illustrates these advantages.

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