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  • 444 E. Courtland St., Mundelein, IL. 60060, USA
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  • 1 775 898 4891


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Dynamic Speakers
Solid State Amplifiers
Tape Decks

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Sound Tech Systems web site (July 22, 2009): With the Professional Audio market constantly changing, there is now an ever-growing demand for companies to deliver Price, Power & Performance. The new SoundTech line has taken ideas & feedback from the best sources around the world to develop the "Market's Most Affordable & Professional Pro-Audio Line" to date.

SoundTech has impacted the Pro-Audio industry by a acquiring a personalized, knowledgeable & professional sales force, dedicated & specialized SoundTech Customer Support Agents, and the highly developed best "Quality vs. Price" Pro-Audio products that are un-rivaled in today's market.

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