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Sound Dynamics 10-S

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General information[contribute]

The Sound Dynamics 10-S is a dynamic speaker. It was manufactured from 1978 to 1982.

Speaker Man (October 3, 2017): There were two different versions of the 10S speaker. The boxes were slightly different. Earlier versions had a small grill cover on the front and later versions had a grill cover that covered the entire front of the speaker.
Also, the earlier versions of the 10s had an aluminum tweeter with the model number sd477t6 and later versions had the model number HL-C-01SD 0ISD. They looked identical from the front, but were slightly different looking on the back. They sound identical. The SD477T6 is a nice rare find for a Sound Dynamics collector.


Jeff Williamson (December 18, 2016): I have been a Sound Dynamics fan since the early 80s a friends buddy had the 15s and the damn things blew me away. I bought a brand new set of SD 500 concert monitors in 84' since then ive been collecting SD .I now have 1 pr 15s re-foamed from 1980 ) A set of 12s , 2 -10s 2-100s that are all new old stock and re-foamed that have been warehoused in there original boxes since 1980.Another 2 sets of 10s used from 80 and 1 other from 78' that I've re-foamed and a set of spun aluminim tweets waiting for cabinets.Just picked up another set of 10s from 80' for $ 75 from 1980 that need the woofs re-foamed

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