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Solid State Amplifiers

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Donna Bodinet (Sota Turntables) (July 2002): SOTA offers ten new Turntable models and five refurbish models as well as two versions of our LP Cleaner, retail starting at $720. Entry-level tables start at $543 and include a tonearm and dust cover. Parts, services, tune-ups, and upgrades are available. Brochures and price lists are also available.

Sota web site (October 2000): The best turntable design is that which faces all the variables and solves them reliably and simply. At SOTA, turntable design has been carried to its logical conclusion, with the most comprehensive, scientific approach to identifying all the universal variables that undermine signal retrieval. By acknowledging and resolving these issues, SOTA Turntables achieve an unmatched level of neutrality and accuracy.

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