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Sonus Faber web site (July 9, 2009):The Acoustics Music reproduction as a special auditory occasion. Offering the emotional excitement of a pure musical event to every listening experience through reproduction instruments that let the entire expressive power of music envelop the ear. These are the aims with which we Sonus faber build our loudspeakers. Our projects draw inspiration from the construction criteria of the lute-maker's craft, as we are convinced that the quality characteristics of sound in a loudspeaker depend above all on the acoustic chamber - on its form and the materials it is made of - just like any other musical instrument.

The Design

Loudspeakers as elements integrated into the environment. The aesthetic component in Sonus faber loudspeakers stems from a conceptual choice: the result of a perfect dialogue between the language of forms and functionality. Acoustics and design meet in sonic euphony and visual harmony, just as is the case with musical instruments in which the stylistic matrix is also intended to define sonic identity.

Craftsmanship and Tecnology

Another essential contribution to the acoustic identity of Sonus faber loudspeakers comes from our special combination of craftsmanship and technology: on the one hand contemporary artisan craft in which the maximum expression of human sensitivity and skill can be seen in the process of selecting, working and treating the wood and building the cabinets; and on the other technology that reaches toward the avant-garde and employs renowned Northern European know-how to guarantee excellent performance from the individual drivers fitted in these units.

Physiological Listening

Though it avails of the technical capabilities of the most sophisticated electronic instruments, the tone of Sonus faber loudspeakers is only defined following painstaking assessment sessions. The result must meet what Sonus faber describes as "physiological listening": the state in which the ear extends and fully perceives the sound, "resting" and reaching an auditory balance which can be defined as the equivalent of what focussing is for the eyes.

The Human Factor

Sensitivity - the human factor - comes into play during the stages that originate and complete every Sonus faber project: from initial inspiration to final inspection. Long and meticulous research gives form to the inspiring idea which, once fine-tuned, is subjected to the most severe of judges: the human ear, an extraordinary and unparalleled instrument.

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