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Sonique web site (September 12, 2009): Date line September 1992, and the newest arrival on the local loudspeaker market is released. More than a decade later and Sonique Audio has become one of Australia's - indeed the world's - finest manufacturers.

Sonique Audio is a South Australian based company that designs, manufactures and markets state of the art hi-fi loudspeakers and amplifiers. Local specialist media first profiled this fledgling operation shortly after it opened its doors. Now, Sonique Audio has established itself as one of this country's major players, both on and off shore, in the loudspeaker and amplifier business.

Founded by Steve Lund and Greg Walden in 1992, Sonique Audio has enjoyed remarkable success with its products, both in Australia and internationally. In fact, in many of the best hi-fi circles, Sonique is recognised as one of the country's leading loudspeaker makers.

What started out as a dream by the two company principals from a suburban garage with the office, a converted spare bedroom, became a reality when Sonique Audio moved into its new factory in September 1992 and the Sonique brand of loudspeaker systems was released.

Speaker Design and home entertainment industry experience

The product marketing is handled by Steve Lund who has experience of some 20 years or so in the electronics and audio fields. He has been responsible for the marketing of other internationally acclaimed loudspeakers and his expertise spans sales and marketing, manufacturing and product development.

Utilising their previous experience of senior management and that of setting up loudspeaker facilities in both Australia and the USA, Messrs Lund and Walden designed the 450 square metre factory to the highest of specifications which includes one of the best equipped privately owned audio research and development laboratories in Australia, and Sonique's Golden Cuboid room, designed for laboratory type measurements and critical listening during the development stages.

Critical to Sonique's success, was the vast experience and the respect for its key staff members, in the national and international markets, and the understanding that led to the development of an initial range of commercial products.

In fact, says Steve Lund, "Success was so quick, that Sonique not only appointed key retailers in every capital city of Australia in the first year, but also exported products to eight countries, throughout the Asian Pacific region." The initial four models are a far cry from the products of today, but with them, the company built its strong foundation to launch into even bigger and better things.

Today Sonique manufactures three separate ranges of loudspeakers: the SAV (Sonique Audio/Video) range of home theatre speakers, the Slim Series of quality lifestyle speakers and the Sonique 5 Series, designed for true hi-fi applications ... as well as a range of high quality Micrex amplifiers. All, according to Steve Lund, "are works of art for serious listeners, and all are designed for discerning listeners that appreciate the best."

Style is so important in every product that Sonique designs, with its policy that all products must reflect quality and enhance lifestyle. This is no more apparent than in the case of the Encore, Sonique's flagship model. Encore loudspeakers can be found in some of the best homes, including one exclusive residence in Sydney that features Gold Encores in its private 30 seat home theatre, as well as stunningly finished timber Encores created to compliment the existing timber in the smoking and dining rooms, standard Encore models can feature solid granite bases, hand-rubbed, high-gloss piano finish timber cabinets and barium loaded wavebar to enhance the performance.

Advancing the boundaries of loudspeaker designs

Another outstanding Sonique loudspeaker where words defy description is the Olympus. This beautifully sculptured loudspeaker with an Italian influence, features solid Australian Jarrah timber, and was designed specifically for an Asian distributor. So advanced in design and appearance, Sonique proudly boasts that the Olympus has set standards to which others can only aspire.

Sonique Audio does not only cater for the esoteric or the pinnacle of the hi-fi marketplace. It has products that are diverse, including award winning products from $545 to $9000 per pair. And everything in between.

In addition to loudspeakers, Sonique produces some of the most stunning of hi-fi amplifiers. The Micrex range of amplifiers, originated in the early 1990's. In 1994 Sonique Audio was approached by Micrex to assist with the international marketing of its products, which proved so successful, that by 1995 production demands had increased to a level that production and research and development was moved to the Sonique Audio factory in Adelaide. This subsequently led to the outright purchase of Micrex by Sonique Audio in 1996.

Utilising very sophisticated and unusual circuitry, the Micrex amplifiers deliver a high level of performance and realism. But it is the first impressions that are most striking. These beautifully crafted amplifiers utilise a combination of metal and timber with the old world charm of valves. The base model featuring Jarrah timber and chrome is absolutely stunning, but for the ultimate in finishes every model is available in 22ct gold with high gloss timer cabinets, Micrex truly make a statement in every possible way.

Critical accolades and industry awards

In a short time Sonique has made its mark in Australia, and has been recognised in many ways for its achievements, not least of all with awards from commerce and industry. Some of these awards include an Audio & Video Lifestyle Best Buy Award in 1995 for the Sonique 6.5 loudspeaker, plus the special industry award of Australian Manufacturer of the Year in 1997. Together with other industry awards, Sonique Audio was recognised for its home theatre products by receiving the Audio & Video Lifestyle 1997 Best Buy award for Best Home Theatre system over $2000, and another AVL Best Buy Award in recognition of the superb performance of the Sonique 5.5SE Limited Edition floor standing speaker system in the $2,001-$3,000 price category. Renowned reviewer, Richard Morgan, said of the 5.5SE Limited Edition, " It's a product that's superbly crafted and made from first rate materials, from cabinet to drivers and beyond."

Sonique was recognised by the South Australia government and Telstra as runner-up in the 1996 Small Business of the Year awards, and was invited to showcase its products to the APEC convention which highlighted to our world leaders some of the best products that Australia can offer. Sonique products are available throughout the world, and export markets have grown outside of the Asia Pacific region, to include Japan, the USA and the UK.

Since the beginning, Sonique Audio has been driven to provide what it believes to be best balance in style, performance and value, that will compliment and enrich everyone's lifestyle. The company and its products are now a long way from what started in a garage. When asked about the future, he said," We are sure it is still a long way from where the future will lead. But we can confidently say, that Sonique continues to strive to lead the way and set new standards in quality, technology, performance and style."

In a marketplace that appears to be bursting at the seams with just about every brand of loudspeaker manufactured in the UK, Europe, the USA and elsewhere, it certainly is satisfying to see an Australian manufacturer, Sonique Audio competing favourably with some of the best internationally known household names.

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