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Dynamic Speakers

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Sonicweld web site (July 19, 2009): Many have asked: Why the name "Sonicweld?" A weld is the strongest, most permanent and intimate bond that can be made between two pieces of metal; the parts are joined on a molecular level to literally become one. Nearly everyone is familiar with welding; it connotes strength, solid construction, and careful, engineered design. Using this imagery, a sonic "weld" is intended to convey the idea that our equipment is so transparent, accurate, and musical, that the listener experiences a deep bond with the performing artists. There is simply nothing to get in the way of the music, and the listener is drawn into the experience of enjoying every detail that their source material has to offer. The name "Sonicweld" is essentially a one-word mission statement, originated by founder Josh Heiner in 1993.

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