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Solus web site (July 22, 2009): Our mission here at Solus/Clements Loudspeakers is simply....your mission...your quest to find, procure, and enjoy the finest in Audio/Visual entertainment products that will grace your home and enlighten your senses to an 'Art of Enjoyment' level for many years to come. Welcome to Solus Audio.

To this Mission end, Solus designs and distributes the very finest in 'Architectural' audio in-wall/ceiling speakers, 'Classic' loudspeaker products, 'Indoor/Outdoor' and 'Rock' speaker products, available around the world. Readily acknowledged as the leader in both component quality and sound performance, Solus products represent years of research, and patented, advanced engineering designs revered by many as some of the finest performance, and performance/value loudspeakers made. Such performance is available to you from the smallest, visually unobtrusive speaker formats without compromise to your home's visual integrity, to classic floor-standing, bookshelf, center and subwoofer models that will grace any home decor. Theater performers, musicians, politicians, corporate executives, business owners, the public in general and music lovers in total, are all the same in their choice of Solus Loudspeaker Products.

Sound alone does not make for a complete and happy home. In the following site pages we will also endeavor to provide you with home theater and sound distribution planning, and product and installation information with tips on equipment, technology advancements, dollar saving ideas, and certainly, sound and architectural considerations. In addition, as one way to enjoy the rewards of your final design efforts, we offer a wine and music page with suggestions for both to enjoy the entertainment you have planned and purchased. After all, isn't that what it is all about.

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