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Dynamic Speakers
Electrostatic Headphones
Solid State Amplifiers

General information [contribute]

Imorama (February 2003): Signet is "Signet Division of A.T.U.S", exactly, and A.T. means Audio-Technica here.Signet TK33 and TK44 are probably OEM models of A.T.'s ATH-8 and ATH-10, respectively.

The adaptors of both ATH-8 and TK33 are lettered as "Audio-Technica" at the bottom right of the front panels. TK33 was put on the market in 1978. ATH-3, ATH-4 and Signet TK22 were dynamic phones. These models look like the electret ATHs except for the rotatable connections between head band and unit holders and, of course, their plugs.

Mark Kaepplein (July 2000): I have a pair of Signet TK-33 electret headphones. While there is a box with a step-up transfomers for the plates, the bias charge comes from leakage voltage and not a power supply. Made in the early-mid 80's. Stax had a low-end model that was similar and may have even used the same components, at a higher sale price.

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