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TAC (July 12, 2009): The Signature Technologies website is currently under construction.

Signature Technologies website (October 31, 2009): In my lifetime, only a few musical experiences have been so powerful and so moving as to have brought tears to my eyes! Looking back, these experiences have invariably been either live music or music reproduced on vacuum tube electronics. The exquisite body of the female voice, the attack of the plucked string, the richness of massed woodwinds are best experienced live. For those striving to obtain the "live" experience from their audio system tubes were invented. The warmth, texture, the very fiber of the music, has always been recreated best by tubes!

On many occasions after having introduced tube products to the established audio systems of my customers I have had great difficulty retrieving my toys. All of the loudspeakers you are about to see have one common thread: they represent what we believe to be not only the most accurate and focused loudspeaker, but also the best musically balanced in their respective size and price categories.

From day one, all products designed by Signature Technologies have been referenced against known industry standards. The equipment is not only subjected to intensive electrical measurements, but hours of subjective listening tests as well. The electronics and loudspeakers you are about to review are the culmination of efforts by many individuals over many years. We hope that these products bring you the same enjoyment and fulfillment and pride of ownership that we ourselves experience each time we use them.

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