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C. Willson (July 12, 2002): 5 years in the development The knowledge gained from co-operation with external developers and audio experts, innumerable tests and listening trials, and material and component tests all contributed to the products right up to the first presentation of the ACCUSTIC ARTS units. Experience gathered from more than 10 years of professional music production was bundled together in 1996 with the founding of SAE - Schunk Audio Engineering GmbH & Co. KG. The business activities firstly concerned the area of professional recording. To meet the high standards for acoustic requirements in recording studios, SAE developed and produced its own near field monitors.

This pool of knowledge from the recording studio and acoustic requirements for recording facilities was exploited in the development of the ACCUSTIC ARTS high-end units. The stated aim here was to achieve maximum sound authenticity during sound reproduction. This aim is both the name and the product since ACCUSTIC ARTS is a short form ACCUrate acouSTIC ARTS which boils down to the art of having the right authentic sound.

To achieve this SAE uses only the most precise and high performance components combined with the most modern technology and design techniques.

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