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Bill Baird (October 1, 2005): State of the art FM amalogue tuner - reflected in price- cheap one costs £7000, Posh one as in picture is 13999.00. Designed and made by Robert Day in USA, company failed due to limited market and compnu based on two products. Sonnically it is ABSOLUTLY SUPERB - only item of audi kit which is substantially unmodified in my system - the build quality and sonic signature is VERY good indeed, mind you it should be for the price.

Bill Baird (October 1, 2005): High discrimaintion for ajunct signals, high capture and sensativity - have figures will dig out. Use a couple of "Q" tips in your ear 'oles - nothing worth doing - although if you kill the HT oscilator for the 'scope there is an improvement in the sound????!!!!


Bill Baird (October 1, 2005): From memory was only in production for arround four years - compny was bought out and the can still be purchased buy suspect they may be more focused on the commercial aspects of survival than sheer quality - the new company now produces a range of products so is less dependent on low volume super high quality kit.

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