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SVS web site (July 23, 2009): SVS has grown by leaps and bounds for several years now, but we're still the small audio company that walks, and talks, with a big stick. Product is the proof, but our people and facilities are what makes small, so big.

Our team has come from all over, brought together by a love of audio, and a desire to deliver something truly unique in a crowded market. From the start it was clear we would leverage the Internet as the glue binding it all in to one element. A rare kind of business, SVS was founded around the premise that the very people who are engineers, sales, network support, assembly and testing, would also be the ones speaking to you via phone, e-mail, or at our Ohio factory itself. At SVS, overhead is low, but commitment to quality is off the map. Delivering direct to you is what makes it possible.

The SVS HQ's (seen at left) is set in the rural outskirts of Youngstown, an area who's local economy took a severe hit due to a decline of the local auto industry. Our facility had once been a furniture factory, and then one making foam packaging for other local businesses, including SVS. In fact this building had been shuttered for several years when we bought the facility and several acres of land in 2003 (as we grew out of our original buildings several miles away). Increasingly though, signs of small businesses like SVS are popping up, and the local Youngstown State University is thriving. It's also where most our work crew seem to come from. Of course we're quite proud to be building products in this region and contributing to its resurgence. Still growing, we're already laying plans for expanding our building into the surrounding property.

Back in 1998 and 1999 owners and staff began to gravitate to SVS from every corner of government and industry: US Postal, the US Army, the World Bank, a leading test instrumentation company, a first tier automotive supply conglomerate... and of course there are guys who've been working the audio industry for years as well. Virtually everyone had a long history building, breaking and re-building audio components, from speakers to amplifiers, long before coming to SVS. The team continues to grow, after all a company's "people" are ultimately as important as your facilities, or the products themselves.

With more advanced degrees, schooling and real-world management experience than you can shake a stick at, we know it takes talent from all walks of life to create, deliver and support a product that's arguably the best in the world. That we're allowed to do so every day of the week is immensely pleasing and humbling at the same time. We enjoy what we do here in Ohio (Michigan, Colorado, New York, Virginia and other locations too) but our staff takes being your audio company very seriously indeed.

Of course our Team isn't just made up of the people walking through the doors of our 20,000 foot main office and assembly building. It's joined at the hip with a small circle of trusted suppliers from all over the world. Some are small, and fairly obscure, but just happened to build the best components we could locate. Others are among the largest OEM suppliers in the world of audio. What we don't build ourselves we "source" right here in the US whever possible, though vendors based outside the US are increasingly key to our operations as well.

SVS is small enough to be nimble and responsive to the needs and desires of the customers we speak to every day. Yet at the same time we're large enough to get the industry's best prices on components. In short, SVS is committed to providing you factory-direct, world-class products designed, sourced and typically built right in our modest Ohio facility. After all, not many companies even try to build things here any longer. Not profitable enough they say.

Nothing is taken for granted at SVS. Not our already legendary products, not our customers. Driven to be the best choice you can make in speakers or subwoofers, we continue to invest in the best instrumentation in the world, (though none of that is any good if you aren't expert in applying it...we are). Our customers deserve as much. Design and quality control demand it. After all, SVS was founded primarily on the premise we could provide personal service, product expertise, and of course performance for your hard-earned audio budget that other brands can't match. Being obsessed with product and customer service, is what makes small agile companies like ours possible. Working virtually around the clock in multiple time zones is the price we pay for being on top, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Some out there know the story already: Long ago we tired of paying too much, for too little, ourselves. $5,000 subwoofers were typically found not to work as well as hand built prototypes we'd "fab" in a local machine shop? Something had to give there. Requests for unique designs and even more unique quality ensued. But right away it was clear the best "stuff" wasn't the only ingredient needed, customer service had to be as much a part of the SVS "product" as the products themselves. Like many enthusiasts, we too had learned to hate looking for sound guidance in a sea of me too products, sold by people who understood these products less than we did as buyers. Probably you have felt like this yourself. So SVS was founded with the firm belief that, as the old saying goes, "if you build a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door". We do. And trust us, It has. Entering our 8th year. It's clear our founding belief was anything but a fluke.

Drop us a line and we'd love to have you see and hear our Ohio factory showroom, and maybe even peek in the back, where all the action is. Images here barely hint at the complex and immensely personal story behind every component, every product, every person putting those products in a box, and every person providing the network of support behind those audio products when they arrive at your home.

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