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A Short History of Rosinant and Argent Audio Rosinant was incorporated in 1988 to cast sculpture using the controlled-wall technology developed and patented by Ric Cummins. Within a short while, Cummins and his staff (all music lovers and avid audiophiles) recognized that this same technique might be used to produce a new type of speaker enclosure. Cummins reasoned that rather than continue to try to stuff an essentially spherical sound pressure wave into a square-cornered box, it would be more logical to produce a controlled shape and inner volume which would be more complementary to the physics of sound.

A long period of research and experimentation followed to determine the effects of shape upon the accuracy of sound reproduction. It seemed that there was much speculation concerning the ideal shape for an enclosure, but a dearth of hard information and actual tests. In 1995, the company introduced the Rosinant Evolution to immediate accolades. Further refinements led to the introduction of the Evolution Signature, which incorporated Rosinant's new DarkMatter composite material to great advantage. The Gabrielle was introduced in 1998, taking Rosinant's theoretical research into new domains. Combining extraordinary sound and exquisite beauty, the Gabrielle has undergone continuous evolution and refinement until it now represents the edge of the art. The Dulcinea shares all the sonic attributes of the Gabrielle in a package that makes it more accessible to a wider range of enthusiasts.

The introduction of the Rosinant Evolution also marked the rekindling of an old friendship between Ric Cummins and Todd Laudeman. The two had originally been friends in North Africa, but had lost contact over fifteen years earlier. When Laudeman learned that the Rosinant Evolution had been designed by his old friend Ric Cummins, he decided to investigate; renewing his own interest in High-End Audio and providing valuable consulting to Rosinanté on marketing and other business processes,

After participating in, and seeing the overwhelmingly favorable response to Cummins' RoomLens design at the 1997 Consumer Electronics Show, Laudeman insisted that it be put into production and incorporated Argent Audio to provide the marketing emphasis that it deserved and required to compete. Now, after a long and successful collaborative relationship, Rosinant and Argent have been merged to leverage the qualities of both production lines and to further our tradition of pursuing the absolute. We look forward to sharing the fruits of this passion with you.

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