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Dynamic Speakers

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Roman Audio Systems web site (May 12, 2006): Speaker manufacturers have for the last 70 years tried to recreate a live concert. Some have come close to this experience. Through the new technology of the DiAural® circuit, we at Roman Audio are approaching the feeling of an sound stage that more closely is defined as "live". DiAural® is a new crossover technique which allows for proper communication and interaction between transducers (woofer, mids and tweeters). This new and innovative process results in better sound and better sound stage. and renders the high frequency and mid range transducers largely burn-out proof.

At Roman Audio our philosophy is very simple, build the finest loudspeakers. Our passion for our work is only exceeded by our passion for great music! Recreating that passion in our loudspeakers is our soul goal. We spend countless hours evaluating our designs to ensure that each design is executed as precisely and passionately as we conceived it.

Each loudspeaker is painstakingly designed to ensure that the cabinet does not interfere with the drivers. This is achieved through a three-step process. First, an extremely rigid cabinet is constructed utilizing internal bracing strategically placed to ensure the cabinet is as neutral as possible. Second, the drivers are decoupled from the cabinet by utilizing extra thick baffles. Further, each driver is decoupled from the baffle by utilizing strips of lead and asphalt based dampening material. This process ensures that no internal interference can effect the accuracy of reproduction. Third, in order to eliminate edge diffraction, each cabinet is radiused and all drivers are flush mounted.

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