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Dynamic Speakers

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Rogersound Labs web site (July 28, 2009): If you happen to live in the Southern California area, you may be familiar with RSL Speaker Systems or Rogersound Labs. In 1970, RSL started in a small shop in North Hollywood that contained a showroom and a small speaker factory. At that time, usually the most expensive parts of a hi-fi system were the speakers. RSL offered their speakers factory-direct and saved consumers a lot when they purchased hi-fi systems. RSL was proud to offer higher quality speakers at lower factory-direct prices. RSL Speaker Systems became a popular brand in Southern California, especially in radio stations and recording studios.

In the stores, Rogersound Labs demonstrated RSL Speaker Systems side by side with some of the finest speakers available. They were offered along with audio components (and later video components). Rogersound Labs was blessed with a group of terrific people who made up the RSL family. The salespeople were required to be knowledgeable and did not work on commission. As a result, the stores were set up to be a pressure-free environment. Rogersound Labs grew to 8 stores and became the number one chain of stores that specialized in strictly audio and video. For the extreme enthusiast Rogersound Labs opened Upscale Audio which offered the world's finest, price-no-object audio components.

In 1989, Rogersound Labs was sold. Soon after, the original owners and management left the company. Unfortunately, under the new ownership, the company did not prosper and went out of business in 1992. Fearing that the name would be purchased and abused as so many once respected names have, we purchased the names back from the bankruptcy court. We did not purchase any other assets of the company, nor did we purchase any of the debts or liabilities.

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