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Revel web site (December 2003): Welcome to Revel Revel loudspeakers reproduce every sonic morsel of these performances as faithfully as possible. Our achievements and our philosophies are there for you to hear. Our philosophy is to develop loudspeakers that perform properly within a system, regardless of the number of channels. Our philosophy is to treat each loudspeaker as its own system, where individual components work together in harmony. And our philosophy is to know the art and science of loudspeakers better than anyone else.

We apply the science of loudspeaker design to our understanding of what people hear and how rooms and furnishings change the sound. We know that timbre is the most significant and complex audible characteristic. We know why dynamic compression occurs and how to minimize it. We know about directivity, resonance, distortion and much more because we measure and we listen. We listen throughout the development process and we use the most sophisticated measurement tools including our ears. And when we are finished, we have loudspeakers that are capable of some thrilling and remarkable feats.

Take a few minutes to discover some of the reasons that reviewers, audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts around the world are praising Revel products. Then hear them for yourself at an authorized Revel dealer.

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Harman Speciality Group USA based maker of high end audio and AV electronics and loudspeakers. Founded when Harman International decided to organise all their high end products into one company in 2003, this company integrates the home audio products from Lexicon with the brands that they gained when they took over Madrigal, including Mark Levinson and Revel

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