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  • 401 Emerald - Gembrook Road, Emerald 3782, Victoria, Australia
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Redgum Audio web site (July 17, 2009): In the US, the brand name Redgum conjures up a chewing confection: in the UK, it's a colourful kind of adhesive. But to a growing cult of dollar-conscious audiophiles around the world, it means superbly faithful, bulletproof and affordable-and Australian-made-MOSFET amplification.

Redgum equipment is named for its stunning real-wood redgum fascia plates, and is lifted further out of the pack by using a unique user key as its on/off switch. The story of Redgum Audio's birth and evolution reflects often uncannily, and not always favourably, on the 'progress' of massmarket audio over the past three decades.

Founder and principal of Redgum Audio, Ian Robinson, was born and bred in Melbourne and educated at technical college, where he studied electronic engineering. Like many a young hi-fi industry aspirant, he didn't complete his studies because, as he puts it, "business got easier and study got harder". From tech. he joined Victoria's State Electricity Commission, and worked alongside Ralph Bridges who was soon to be Claybridge PA Systems. Ralph commissioned Ian to build his speaker boxes, and he registered his first venture, Chelsound Electronics, in 1967 at the age of only 20. He had already been trading for some time before that, giving him a strong claim to being one of Australia's longest established audio and hi-fi manufacturers. Other more contentious claims for Redgum Audio include the first Australian-made CD player, and the first all Australian system from source to speakers.

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