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Realistic STA-2700

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General information[contribute]

The Realistic STA-2700 is a receiver in the solid state amplifier category. It was manufactured from 1987 to 1989.

Travis (February 21, 2009): Povided manufacturing dates and price information.



Bill Carmody (July 6, 2010): I bought this unit new in 1987 at a close out $199.99. It was intended to be only a \"temp\" to tie me over until I could afford more expensive fare. I have huge ElectroVoice speakers of the \"vintage\" variety, and are rated at 16 ohms. I had already cooked the output sections of a Sansui 881, an another forgotten Sansui. This receiver is amazing. It handles the load with ease, and has been working flawlessly for over 22 years! It has a Midrange adjustment right there with the Bass and Treble. These 3 EQ knobs have little indents, and provide wide adjustability to sound great with all types of speakers. Did I mention that it has TONS of clean power? I recently picked up a mint STA-2700 on eBay for $70 to hide away in case my beloved workhorse finally blows. I\'ve owned a lot of gear over the years, and surprisingly, my original STA-2700 is the most reliable piece of gear I\'ve ever owned......nuff said.

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