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Dynamic Speakers
Solid State Amplifiers
Valve Amplifiers

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Woodside Electronics web site (August 2002): Radford audio products have been produced since the 1960's when the STA range of Amplifiers was launched along with the DSM pre-amplifier. The series 3 STA25 along with other Amplifiers in the STA range won critical acclaim. The Mk II and Series 3 Amplifiers used a unique pentode phase inverter that was a joint venture between Dr A R Bailey and Arthur Radford and was the subject of a detailed article in Wireless World. However Arthur Radford's greatest love was for his loudspeaker designs and the rear termination of drivers. After many years of work he eventually took out a Patent in conjunction with Dr A R Bailey for the first transmission line loudspeaker. This system was the basis for all his larger designs and is still used by many well-known Manufacturers to this day.

At the peak Radford had four factories employing 160 personnel producing metalwork, painting, printing, transformer and PCB manufacture all in house.As he approached retirement he wound down the Company and ceased trading in 1989John Widgery was apprenticed to Radford Electronics and was responsible for many of the classic designs. He later formed Woodside Electronics specialising in Radford equipment. Mike Davis joined John as a partner in 1989 and worked together to launch the CD player and update the range of valve equipment.

Woodside Electronics Repair of Radford Valve products and the supply of both mains and output transformers to original Radford specification.

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