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RTR 280-DR

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General information[contribute]

The RTR 280-DR is a dynamic speaker.

Jim Click (November 9, 2003): I bought the 280DR in 1974 when I was young and didn't have anything else to spend money on......I went to a "high end" stereo store with the intention of buying Klipsch's....these were to listen to symphony/pipe organ music. The sales person told me that the RTR's were the current "state of the art" and demonstrated all their better speakers....without making any adjustments to the amp controls. There was simply no comparison. Mine have functioned perfectly ever since: as friends have had to replace blown woofers and foam cones, the RTRs just keep performing. Their only shortcoming is that they require more power than commonly available today. I have no idea if they are worth anything - probably not enough of them around to establish a market: of course,the Klipsch's would be worth more now - but cost more then, too.

Also have the sales sheets for RTR models: 180D, HPR-12, EXP-8. EXP-12, ESR-6, ESR-15 and the 2500 Studio Master. The 2500 - with a 25" woofer - contains a health warning that prolonged listening of low frequencies can make the listener ill !! Sure would like a pair of those.

Tim Grubaugh, P.E. (November 2003): The RTR 280 DR was a dynamic loudspeaker with a 10" woofer centered between two tweeters on the front and on both sides of the cabinet. There was also a loaded 10" firing out the bottom of the cabinet. That gave four 10" woofers and six tweeters firing off three sides (and the floor) for a monsterous soundstage. The 180D pictured at the top of the following article appears to be identical to my 280DRs in appearance. The RTR electrostatics were sized and in the same materials to sit on top of the 280DR cabinets.

Hart Henry (December 30, 2009): Yes, it has been 6 years since the last posting, however, compared to the 36 years since your purchase of the RTR systems, it is only a grain of sand. I purchased the RTR 600D system in 1979 ($1000 - and still have them) and I too believe they were the best sounding speakers available. You mentioned the 10" woofers. The 600(s) had a 12" woofer plus a 12" passive resonator. The shear amount of "volume waves" of music is un-comparable to most little speakers that are found today. These RTR systems make you feel you are actually at the concert. What happened to RTR? Are they still around?

frank mcclanahan (January 17, 2010): 280 DRs were made to match with ESR-15s which had 15 HF-50 ES panels arrayed in vaguely hemispherical alignment. The ESR-15s sat atop the 280-DRs and rediated high frequency sound in a soundfield similar to the soundfield of the lower speaker. The sound of these speakers in pairs was quite remarkable.

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