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Dynamic Speakers

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RMS Audio web site (July 28, 2009): Welcome to the intriguing world of audio restoration and media conversion. You will find a wealth of information here ranging from basic conversion from one media to another to the more advanced aspects of this science. Sonic Restoration is a very specialized and complex area of audio engineering not readily taught in any manual. It is as much an art as a science requiring meticulous attention to detail and a great amount of patience. It can be likened to professional fine art restoration with ears!

The quantum leap in technology especially in the past decade makes it possible and very affordable for your cherished collections to be restored, enhanced and converted to CD or DVD while sparing your collection from further deterioration. You may even have a valuable collector item in your possession. We make it easy for you to check into the details of vinyl collecting and international auctions if that it your interest. We have done the research so you don't have to.

RMS Audio is a professional service exclusively dedicated to sonic restoration and is NOT a full production studio. Our focus is on 2-channel resuscitation and non-linear editing. We concentrate on what we do best. Your original recording is never at any risk as it is played ONLY ONCE. The remainder of the process occurs in the digital domain using high-end computer hardware and software applications. Without the need for expensive mixing boards and outboard gear we are able to pass savings on to you that large studios cannot afford to offer.

Understanding the varied needs and budget of the consumer RMS Audio offers two separate pricing structures. One for straight transfer (with minimal noise reduction) and the audiophile package. Simply request a quote on multiple albums or large collections.

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