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  • 1737 Southmount, St-Bruno, Qc, Canada, J3V 4M1
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  • 450 653 3461
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RL Acoustique web site (July 24, 2009): RL Acoustique carried out intense study, measurements, and critical listening to the original and current Lowther designs; we feel we have bettered these offerings by a significant margin, and music lovers and the audio press seem to agree.

The RL Acoustique Lamhorn 1.8 incorporates the simplicity of a single driver and horn configuration to deliver the ultimate in musical enjoyment with no crossover induced distortions, distortions that rob the music of proper timing and emotional impact. One has to hear a high quality horn of this nature to fully appreciate the immediacy and palpability of the music. These qualities are further enhanced with the internal use of pure silver wire, which bring the listener another step closer to the performance.

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