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  • Qysonic Research Corp.
  • Placentia Cal, USA
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Dynamic Speakers

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Yann Zeeuwe (November 12, 2005): The company was tiny, had just a handful of employees, and went out of business when their Asian source of proprietary tweeters suddenly halted production (a lack of capital probably didn't help matters).

Dr. Rob (January 25, 2006): I bought my first pair of Qysonic Tads speakers from the designer in his Fullerton, CA shop in 1980. Qysonic Research sold out to Motown Records in the early 80's. Insiders told me latter that Motown didn't really know how to market these budget audiophile speakers, so they just took them off the market. The Tads are extremely easy to listen to, and are very efficient. You can hook them up to an $85 boom box, and they will sound great! They sound even better when you have two sets side by side or stacked. I see that you have borrowed the photo from my site http://rob168.com/stereo. I currently have two sets of Tads for sale. Respectfully, Dr. Rob -

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